The change in communication

Evolution never stops, everything changes often in completely unexpected ways.

What we are

2020 must be considered a new 'year zero':

Everything has changed in our lives. We are faced with an unexpected and unpredictable scenario. The horizons of economy and markets have changed, new consumption dynamics have arisen and new relationship formats have emerged. The ongoing crisis has led to an outburst of the virtual dimension to an extent that is rapidly changing.
All the brands that are points of reference and meaning, to remain in a coherent connection with consumers, must remodel their narrative strategies with a total rethinking.

Everything has changed in our daily lives in the new economic scenarios.

Covid-19 has brought out new multi-channel relationships, winning past resistances.
The constant presence and relational closeness are necessarily made explicit through digital tools, in the absence of physical contacts.
We must speak of epoch-making changes in consumption processes, with an inevitable refocusing of the needs of each consumer.

Our services

To start again on the right foot, it is necessary to interpret the change that has taken place with analytical rigor and scientificity. Ideal momentum and creative power are essential to face any challenge.
We, therefore, need a mix of skills, and we have to select them with the utmost care.
We need a team of professionals who can build immediately a solution to the problem that any company urgently aims to solve.
NEXT Relations guarantees this know-how today, thanks to its 30 years of experience in the field of communication.
The team has expanded, integrating new specific professional figures, such as experts in communication, psychologists, sociologists, economists, security managers, bloggers, social media managers, graphic designers, content producers, web designers, SEO men, business lawyers, and entrepreneurs.
They are experts capable of giving their best around a shared plan for maximum effectiveness in results in all the fields in which our services are organized.

Crisis Management

We are deeply committed to turning every crisis into an opportunity.
To deal with and solve any problem in terms of reputation, structure, organization, competition, our agency relies on a solid network of relationships and collaborations with business and institutional leaders at all levels, ranging from media relations to lobbying activities.

Strategic Consultancy

Recovering also means rethinking communication and sales strategies, reshaping marketing plans, restyling all the tools used to tell a company and a brand. From product placement to publishing, from the drafting of house organs and catalogs to the building of new relationships with the lawyer and the media, NEXT Relations is the advisor capable of offering a customized and integrated solution, with great care even for the smallest details.

Public Relations & Press Office

Our agency relies on a strong network of relationships with the most important and authoritative media partners at the national and international levels. Thanks to the staff of professional journalists, NEXT Relations creates ad hoc press releases and press kits in different languages to communicate tangibly and engagingly a company and its history.
Our agency masters all languages, ranging from those of traditional media to those of new media. We offer expertise in the adv sector, editorials, face-to-face, and video press conferences, guaranteeing a press office and media relations service which is up to any kind of event or roadshow at the national and international level.

Corporate Branding & Graphic Design

With creativity, coherence, and measured elegance, NEXT Relations takes care of the overall image and style of each institution, company, and institution. Through a visionary team of graphic designers which is capable and daring, we can give new life to the whole asset of materials related to the brand identity, such as letterhead, business cards, pens, and gadgets, but we can also invent more attractive formats for offline (flyer and paper) and digital launch, using the web, social media, and adv.

Social Media Management

Our agency has got all the credentials to inspire and guide the positioning of each brand through its digital image.
A team of Social Media Managers, graphic designers, content creators, and copywriters are available to guarantee a digital presence always one step ahead, ranging from the selection to the creation of the most suitable Social profiles for each corporate identity, to the development of the best communication strategy, and up to the creation of multimedia and textual content perfectly suited to the identity and history of a brand.

Website Creation

Each website is a virtual showcase to tell a story, sell goods, offer services. NEXT Relations provides a team capable of guiding companies, entities, and institutions in the best choices to achieve their business objectives and more visibility.
Graphic designers, webmasters, and content creators work together on the site in all its aspects, supported by SEO men and Social Media Manager for digital validation.

Search Engine Optimization

Each milestone deserves the widest possible audience. The digital image, the PR activity, the Social channels, the work of the press office, the website: all this can play a key role from the perspective of SEO, to enhance the identity of companies and institutions, through the best targeting strategies.


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We too have decided to change, beginning with our logo that represents our desire to better embody the evolution of change in all relationships.


Over 30 years, we have been planning communication strategies for:

Aba Food
Absolute Yacht
Acqua Minerale San Bendetto
Adria Ankaran
Alf Lie
Alpe Adria
Arreghini Colorificio
Aston Martin
Atrio Shopping Center
Audemars Piguet
Bauxt Porte
Biasuzzi Turismo
Birra Castello
Boegli Montres
Bugari Yachts
Cardin Elettronica
Casinò Portorose
De Rigo
Ente Turismo di Portorose
Frecce Tricolori
Galbani Lactalis
Go Technology
IDS ingegneria dei sistemi
Industrie Cotto Possagno
La sportiva
Latteria del Montello
Les Bordes golf
Livio Felluga
Luciana Mosconi
Marcolin Occhiali
Menn Yacht
Olio Sasso
Onda Communications
Portogruaro Interporto
Porto Piccolo resort
Porto Turistico di Jesolo
Radio Monte Carlo
Rizzani De Eccher
Rudy Project
Santa Venere Vini
Solar System
Stratex Holding
Skin doctors
Terme Dobrna
The Glebe
Turismo Carinzia
Zampieri Holding

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