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Evolution never stops, everything changes often in completely unexpected ways.

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2020 must be considered a new 'year zero':

Everything has changed in our lives. We are faced with an unexpected and unpredictable scenario. The horizons of economy and markets have changed, new consumption dynamics have arisen and new relationship formats have emerged. The ongoing crisis has led to an outburst of the virtual dimension to an extent that is rapidly changing.
All the brands that are points of reference and meaning, to remain in a coherent connection with consumers, must remodel their narrative strategies with a total rethinking.

Everything has changed in our daily lives in the new economic scenarios.

Covid-19 has brought out new multi-channel relationships, winning past resistances.
The constant presence and relational closeness are necessarily made explicit through digital tools, in the absence of physical contacts.
We must speak of epoch-making changes in consumption processes, with an inevitable refocusing of the needs of each consumer.


New dynamics in consumption and new markets

The current compulsory “detention” shocked every type of consumer, pulverizing traditional habits or purchasing methodologies.
We unexpectedly found ourselves in a situation which is compelling us to interact “in/with” a totally different and completely new world, made up of rules and styles for which we were not prepared. All this pushes every consumer towards a new digital interaction both for future social relationships and for the purchase and use of goods and services.
Multimedia interconnection platforms have quickly crossed the threshold of mistrust. Smart working has quickly imposed itself in our daily vocabulary.
Ordering ready-made meals online or exploring a platform to buy a complete home decor by interacting with an interior decorator via chat: just a couple of months ago, all of this would have been almost a utopia for most people.

The Covid-19 effect will cancel and modify at least for a while many of our traditional habits such as parties, events, parties, and many other venues.
The near future of interpersonal relationships will undergo a radical transformation, which on the one hand will be desired by ourselves, seeking protection and prevention, and on the other hand, will be due to strict government rules imposed on the methods of social interaction to prevent a potential relapse.
Everything is going to change, even our relationship with our means of transport, such as the car, and our habits related to body and leisure, including gym, personal hygiene, and well-being.
Bars and pubs will have to serve coffee and drinks respecting the maximum number of people inside, as well as the restaurant tables will have to be placed at far greater distances than the current ones. The new houses will be designed to respect new rules about common spaces. These are just some of the things that will upset our daily lives, both personal and professional. These are just some of the aspects that will upset, at any rate, our daily personal and professional lives.

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Next Relations, the evolution of change:

For over 30 years, communication has been our job, but now this experience belongs to history. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been working constantly to deeply understand the possible future needs, but individual competence is not enough today.
Next has, therefore, put together a specialist team of professionals to generate a brand new experience.
A team that is made up of experts in communication, smart working, psychology, sociology, economics, security, environment, economic publishing, bloggers, social media managers, graphic designers, content producers, web designers, Seo men, architects, business lawyers, and entrepreneurs.
These professionals form a group of “thinkers” who are engaged in a creative brainstorming to develop strategies in each sector and meet the future needs of companies of all sizes.
Our team is devoted to objectivity and tangible results. Next has decided to structure itself by relying on support profiles that know how to do business because they are currently committed to doing so. Enough theories. It is time to rely on direct experience, effectiveness, and foresight.

The near future will certainly be different, complex, but has a strong potential.

We are all at a new starting line. Next relations is the best partner for those companies who are beginning to plan the post-lockdown and, sensing the changes that have taken place in these weeks, feel the need for a “compass” to orient themselves in the crucial second phase of the coronavirus crisis.
We intend to provide timely and precise answers, useful to correct the already envisaged actions within the ongoing marketing plans, and identifying the correct future strategies in the field of communication and sales.
Our goal is to take hold of the transformation which is taking place to give impetus to the recovery and resize the effects of the “shut-in economy” (the economy linked to isolation due to Coronavirus), defining priority actions for retail, industry, and institutions.
The commitment of Next Relations will be maximum to supporting companies and pushing communication towards the enhancement of ‘Made in Italy’ abroad, to avoid further loss of important market shares.
By joining forces, Italian companies must redesign their image all over the world, recently discredited by some pre and post Covid-19 events. They must be given back the recognition of the value and quality they deserve.


We too have decided to change, beginning with our logo that represents our desire to better embody the evolution of change in all relationships.


Over 30 years, we have been planning communication strategies for:

Aba Food
Absolute Yacht
Acqua Minerale San Bendetto
Adria Ankaran
Alf Lie
Alpe Adria
Arreghini Colorificio
Aston Martin
Atrio Shopping Center
Audemars Piguet
Bauxt Porte
Biasuzzi Turismo
Birra Castello
Boegli Montres
Bugari Yachts
Cardin Elettronica
Casinò Portorose
De Rigo
Ente Turismo di Portorose
Frecce Tricolori
Galbani Lactalis
Go Technology
IDS ingegneria dei sistemi
Industrie Cotto Possagno
La sportiva
Latteria del Montello
Les Bordes golf
Livio Felluga
Luciana Mosconi
Marcolin Occhiali
Menn Yacht
Olio Sasso
Onda Communications
Portogruaro Interporto
Porto Piccolo resort
Porto Turistico di Jesolo
Radio Monte Carlo
Rizzani De Eccher
Rudy Project
Santa Venere Vini
Solar System
Stratex Holding
Skin doctors
Terme Dobrna
The Glebe
Turismo Carinzia
Zampieri Holding

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